U Visa

U Visa

A U-Visa lets victims of crimes who meet certain requirements stay in the United States. Here are some benefits of a U-Visa:

You can legally live in the United States for four years;

After three years of having a U-Visa, you can apply for a green card to stay in the U.S. permanently;

With a U-Visa you can get permission to work in the United States; and

Some of your family members might also be able to get a U-Visa.

Below are the requirements of U-Visa:

In order to qualify for a U-Visa, you must have been a victim of a “qualifying criminal activity,” and this crime must have occurred in the United States or violated U.S. law.

You must also have helped law enforcement in investigation of the crime/criminals (e.g. calling the police, telling the police about what happened, answering police questions, letting police take pictures, etc.)

You must have been hurt physically, emotionally, or both.

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