B Visa

B Visa

B visas are available for temporary visitors who wish to come to the United States for a limited period of time, and have a residence in a foreign country which they have no intent to abandon.

B classification consists of two subcategories:

B-1 – visitors for business. B-1 visitors which come to the United States for a short period of time to participate in business activity, such as negotiating a contract, consulting with clients, incorporating a company, participating in a conference, etc. However, engaging in commercial transactions cannot involve employment because employment is not authorized; B visitor cannot receive a salary from the U.S. source (with some limited exceptions).

B-2 – visitors for pleasure. This subcategory is designated for tourists, but also for foreign nationals seeking admission to the U.S. for medical (health) purposes, or to participate in amateur musical or sports events with no compensation, or social conventions. B-2 visitor is usually admitted for 6 months. This stay can be extended for an additional 6 months. It is very important to file for an extension before the expiration of the authorized stay.

* USCIS recommends that you apply to extend your stay at least 45 days before your authorized stay expires (as determined by the immigration officer and noted on your I-94 arrival/departure record).

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